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Lighthouses at Light House Collectibles

Welcome to Lighthouse Collectibles, a resource site for those interested in lighthouse novelties and other nautical decor and gift ideas. Light houses are a popular item of choice in the gift industry, and can be seen in items such as light house art, prints, figurines, photos, postcards, prints and other collectible gifts. Nautical souvenirs such as sea shells are also a popular collectible of choice, and a great gift to give to anyone who loves the sea!

For hundreds of years, lighthouses have been guiding ships safely through their voyages by providing the necessary light needed to avoid danger. Lighthouses were built close to shore or on islands for use in the heavily traveled areas of the body of water close-by. Early lighthouses were fueled by wood and coal, and later started to use whale oil and eventually kerosene as a source of fuel. The wonder and awe of the lighthouse can be seen in many pieces of artwork, fables and, of course, collectible novelties.

Lighthouse collectibles can be seen almost everywhere in seaside novelty stores, home decor shops, and on various online store fronts. Through Lighthouse Collectibles, you will find links to the most popular online novelty stores that deal with lighthouse collectibles and memorabilia. Using our pages listed on the left will allow you to browse through the lighthouse area of your choice and begin your browsing adventure!

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Famous Lighthouses

Some of the most famous lighthouses in North America include North Carolina's Cape Hatteras, Illinois' Chicago Harbor, New Jersey's Sandy Hook, Maryland's Hooper Strait, California's Old Point Loma, and New York's famed Buffalo Main light house. These light houses are all considered famed attractions of each state, and will surely draw awe at each sight. Each light house is featured in various pieces of artwork and collectible novelties that you can find within their specific region.

Lighthouse Art and Pictures

Lighthouses are a popular artwork piece, and there are a great deal of artists who have penned beautiful pictures of famous light houses. If you can draw, we'd love to have you submit a piece of artwork for us to share with our visitors! Full credit will be given to all light house artists.